we fight together or die alone


Filipino martial arts aspiring to overcome all. 

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Kali is one of many names used to describe the versatile fighting art of the Philippines involving  bladed and impact weapons. Kali is  unique in that it progresses from the use of weapons to a level of empty hand mastery, where you are the weapon. 

Kali Himagsikan - a Filipino Martial Arts organization in Yokohama and Tokyo training in the impact, bladed, and empty hand fighting arts of the Philippines. We believe in fighting for our right to learn, breaking down any barriers that limit our understanding, and overcoming any challenges to evolve as students. KH is more than a martial arts gym, a fitness group, and a family. We specialize in becoming better together. 



You can't fight if you're not fit.  Building fitness through intense functional training is one of the best ways for developing our mind, body, and spirit. We regularly train for the unknown and unpredictable with professional coaching/programming.


Climbing mountains, beach training, and visiting new countries all have something in common: understanding. Experiencing a new environment, seeing a different perspective, and understanding are foundations for our  community driven events.


We look forward to becoming better together. To set a trial date please contact us. 


Yokohama & Tokyo Locations

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